Get Golfing Tips at the Toronto Golf and Travel Show

Golfing TipsThis week the Metro Toronto Convention Centre is host to the Golf and Travel Show, a weekend-long extravaganza of all-things-golf-and-travel, presented by The Toronto Star. Visitors will be treated to such events as a live presentation from the Putting Doctor and from Michael Breed, host of the hit television show The Golf Fix. Whether you spend all summer on the green or just play the occasional Sunday game, this show offers something for every golfer.

In preparation for the imminent arrival of the 2014 golf season, here are our top 5 golfing tips to get you ready for the show (and the green)!

  1. Equipment. We’ve all heard it – this club does this, these shoes do that – but really, it isn’t what you are wearing or using that sinks the putt, is it? So, don’t just run out there and buy the most expensive golfing attire and equipment in the hopes that these will improve your game. Speak with someone who actually knows what you should be looking for. If you’re playing with a club that you purchased just because Mike Weir uses it, you may actually be harming your game.
  2. Beginners (or those of you who have ‘experience’ but need more): don’t be afraid to properly learn! At the end of the day your score may not be a reflection of your years of experience, but rather your level of knowledge regarding stance/grip/swing. If you are not playing properly, your game will suffer for it.
  3. Practice. Once you know how to golf, practice, practice, practice. Get out there on the driving range and hit a bucket of balls. Then do it again. Just don’t overdo it – too much practice can lead to an overuse injury – then where will you be!
  4. Stretch. We know you’re not running a marathon the day of the big game, but golf can be stressful on your body and therefore stretching is crucial to avoiding injury. Make sure to loosen up the muscles in your upper body to improve flexibility and range of motion. Don’t just head from the couch to the course – that has bad news written all over it!
  5. Visit a sports injury clinic that offers a golf injury prevention program. This will help with things like swing, grip and stance, underlying injuries that may be negatively impacting your game, and flexibility, core strength and bio mechanics.  A sports injury clinic can give you advice on future goals for your game and help you shape-up no matter your skill level or style of play.

After enjoying the Golf and Travel Show don’t just bolt for the golf course – use these tips to prep, condition, lower your score and keep that body in peak golfing shape!

For more golf tips or information about golf injury prevention, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine by calling 1 (416) 800-0800.