AESM – Sports Medicine Specialists

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is here to help you achieve your goals, be it optimum health, increased mobility, or injury prevention in golfing.

We have the right staff and the right facilities to help you maximize your physical potential-you will know it as soon as you enter our facilities. Our suite of trained practitioners specialize in various forms of therapy: physicians, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and other rehabilitation specialists. They will help you recover speedily and safely. Each patient is assigned a therapist to help assess their individual needs. In collaboration with you and the entire AESM team, your physician will help you get back to your feet and playing again.

AESM Sports Medical Treatment Facilities in Toronto

At two separate Toronto locations, we are able to treat professional athletes as well as the athletically inclined. At both locations there are a number of rooms where this is done. Our Standard Life facility (located in downtown Toronto) is equipped with cutting edge technology housed in 5000 square feet of office space. Here, our therapists will also design a custom-made program designed to help you attain your specific goals.

AESM’s head office is located at 121 King Street West, at the center of Toronto’s financial district, making it easy for you to get there either by car or public transit. It is in close proximity to Union Station, so we are just one subway stop away (exit at St. Andrew Station). Our building, which is the Standard Life Centre, is just across from the Toronto Stock Exchange near the King and York Street intersection. From St. Andrews Station or most parts of the downtown core, we are within walking distance or a short drive. If you happen to work or be in the area, stop by and chat with our friendly staff. They will be more than happy to tell you more about our sports medicine specialists as well as other services available.

It is just across the Gardener Expressway and also accessible via streetcar. Our staff will happily answer any questions you have about our services.

AESM can also be found at The Boulevard Club facilities, 1491 LakeShore Boulevard West.