Our Commitment to You

  • Assess and provide expert diagnosis and treatment
  • Educate athletes on injuries and injury prevention
  • Specialize in individualized programming to address each athletes complex needs
  • Maximize and maintain optimal and athletic performance to help you keep playing.

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine (AESM) Statement – Your Health, Our Philosophy

At AESM, we are dedicated to your excellence. We understand that reaching anything less than your optimum health potential is simply not good enough. This is why our team of skilled practitioners work with you to provide a customized plan that gets you from where you are to exactly where you need and want to be.

The AESM team has been providing successful, individualized attention and treatment to professional athletes and the athletically inclined for over 15 years. With a mix of tradition and innovation, as well as your valuable input, our team will guide you through programs that include, but are not limited to, physiotherapychiropractic medicinemassage therapy and more. Simply look at our encompassing list of services for more information.

From pain relief to restoring mobility to improving your physical health and wellbeing, our team is dedicated to help you keep playing. We are experienced, compassionate and capable of understanding your individual needs. Contact us today to experience first-hand why we are the authority on sports medicine in Toronto.