lew dunn memorial golf classic how to choose the best golf shoes

Calling all golfers! This August, The Toronto General and Western Foundation and the Lew Dunn Foundation will be bringing you the 13th annual Lew Dunn Memorial Golf Classic!

In 13 years this charity has raised millions of dollars, enabling The University Health Network and the University of Toronto to provide student scholarships for those studying to become Colorectal and Oncologic surgeons. The Lew Dunn Scholarship promotes education and research that enhances care for patients with colon cancer, raises awareness of the disease, and develops better treatments. This charity isn’t just making a difference to Canada but also worldwide.

This year, the Lew Dunn Memorial Golf Classic will be held on August 20th, and the Toronto General and Western Foundation website has all the essential information you need.

When participating in a golf tournament, well made and great fitting golf shoes are paramount. When you consider that the average golfer walks about 4-5 miles during a round, spending several hours on his or her feet, it’s little wonder that golf shoes not only contribute to the success of your game but the comfort (and survival) of it as well! An ill-fitting pair of golf shoes can affect your swing and stability, not to mention that many golf courses make proper golf shoes mandatory.  The wrong shoes can set you back in a number of ways. The best golf shoes are those you don’t even think about while wearing. They also help your swing by keeping you well-grounded with a solid grip on the tees, fairways and greens. Here are our top 3 tips when it comes to choosing the best golf shoes for your feet.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes – Tip 1: Sizing: The fit of the golf shoe is obviously important. Before choosing the size of shoe, measure both your feet. If one foot is larger than the other, choose your size based on the larger foot. Make sure you try on new shoes wearing socks you’ll be golfing in, and leave a half an inch of space between the end of the shoe and your big toe.  Golf shoes should fit tighter in the middle of the foot than regular shoes, since it’s the middle of the foot providing the most support during your golf swing.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes – Tip 2: Weather-wise: Weather is an important factor. Invest in golf shoes that are waterproof and offer your feet good ventilation.

How to Choose the Best Golf Shoes – Tip 3: Lighten-the-load: The weight of your golf shoes will make a huge difference. A lighter golf shoe with softer spikes will reduce stress on your legs and feet when you walk and swing, making for a better overall golf experience.

Choosing the best golf shoes for your feet will help to reduce injuries, but not necessarily prevent them. It is important to remember that there are other golf injuries that are common to golfers.  These include too much strain on the back which can lead to lower back pain, herniated disks and muscle spasms. If you have pain in your body that you think is the result of a golf injury, consider consulting a sports therapy clinic for treatment options. Assistance for a golf injury soon after it emerges is your best shot at returning to normal and continuing to play the game you love.

If you have an injury or condition that is affecting your ability to golf, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine or visit www.aesmphysiotherapytoronto.ca