Our team is here to help you keep playing!

Our experts are seeing patients for virtual assessments and follow-ups.

What is a virtual sports medicine appointment?

It is an effective 1-on-1-up session with your sports medicine physician to follow up on injuries or conditions already assessed. These telephone follow-up appointments are covered by OHIP – there is no cost to you.

If you would like to receive advice from one of our sports medicine physicians at home, email richmondhill@aesm.ca

What is a virtual therapy appointment?

It is an effective 1-on-1, face to face session with your physiotherapist or chiropractor. At AESM, virtual therapy appointments are done remotely with a smartphone, computer, or tablet. This form of therapy is also quite adaptable and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Virtual appointments can be covered by insurance. If you are looking for assistance to help you manage your injury at home, please email richmondhill@aesm.ca.

Through virtual appointments our therapists can:
  • Take a comprehensive history of your injury or condition and provide a precise diagnosis
  • Watch your movements and assess the range of motion 
  • Prescribe, review and do exercises and stretches with you
  • Educate patients on their injury with supporting photos and videos
  • Provide a recovery program to be done in your house
  • Conduct ergonomic assessments – even more valuable if you are working from home
What do I need to do for my first virtual therapy appointment?

You will connect with your therapist through a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. In addition to that, we encourage you to wear gym clothes and have some room to move around during your virtual session.

If you have been to our clinic before, you can book your first virtual appointment today and start treating your injury at home. 

What some of our patients say:

“I am currently healing from ankle surgery so getting physio care has been crucial for a successful recovery. With the current situation, I am glad Athletic Edge Sports Medicine was able to set up telerehab. I have been working with my physiotherapist for a few weeks now and I have already seen some significant improvement in both strength and mobility. The set up is super convenient and the sessions have been very helpful. I am glad I have this available.”   Hajira

“My physiotherapist has been great during the pandemic and during my acute injury and recovery. Our calls have been scheduled in advance which works around my own schedule; he is flexible and on time. Regarding the sessions, while one may think that nothing can quite substitute an in-person meeting, this has been an excellent alternative and has given me some thought around the usefulness of virtual therapy during other times like travel, inability to physically attend the clinic for reasons such as ill children, a busy work schedule or the like. My physiotherapist was thorough in his clinical assessment and took care in ensuring he understood what my concerns and issues have been and formalized a plan quickly. Being on camera has not impeded his ability to instruct the ‘how-to’ portion of virtual therapy. He shows me exactly what I should be doing and then watches me doing the exercises to ensure that I am doing them correctly. This is a valuable resource to have and I would strongly recommend.”   Diana