Sports Medicine Clinic Toronto

Frustrated by a long recovery? We’ll help you keep playing.

Speed up your recovery, maximize your performance, and prevent future injuries.

Our expert team of sports doctors have you covered. We can help you to…

Recover from game-stopping injuries

Get an expert diagnosis from our sports MDs along with a customized treatment plan designed to keep you playing.

Get back to your day-to-day

From sports massages to custom physical therapy exercises – we’ll help you return to normal life while you recover.

Come back stronger than ever

Our sports medicine services aren’t just designed to help you recover – they’re designed to strengthen your body so you can play better and longer.

Stay fit while you heal

Find the perfect routine – tailored for you and your injuries – to stay fit without making your injuries worse.

Time your return perfectly

We’ll test your readiness to play so you can return as soon as it’s safe. Don’t waste time waiting on generalized recovery timelines.

Prevent future injuries

Our expert physicians will design warm-up routines with your sport, injury, and unique body-type in mind. So you can reduce the risk of getting injured again.

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is Trusted By…

Why should you see a sports medicine doctor?


Our sports medicine physicians are MDs who specialize in the diagnosis of sports related injuries, and have experience caring for people of all ages in recreational, amateur, elite, and professional sports.


Our doctors will re-evaluate your condition on an ongoing basis, testing your mobility and readiness. So you’ll know exactly when you’re ready to return (without wasting unnecessary time in recovery).


Sports medicine consultations at our clinic are covered by OHIP, so you can get a diagnosis and expert referral without spending a dime. While GP referrals are suggested, they aren’t necessary to see one of our doctors.

Meet Our Team of Sports Medicine Doctors

Dr. Grant Lum
MD, CCFP, Dip. Sport Med., Medical Director and Founder

Dr. Grant Lum has been practicing sports medicine and performing arts medicine since 1994. He is a leading authority in the field of sports medicine, and is dedicated to learning, teaching and furthering advancements within his field.

Dr. Fahim Merali
MSc., MD, CCFP (SEM), Dip. Sport Med

Dr. Fahim Merali is a family physician from Toronto who completed his MSc in Global Health and MD at McMaster University, followed by a Family Medicine Residency and Sports Medicine Fellowship at the University of Toronto.

Dr. Fouad Antoine Sayde

Dr. Fouad Sayde is a Canadian born-and-raised and US trained Physician of Sports and Exercise Medicine. Fouad was a member of the medical staff of sports physicians responsible for taking care of professional sports teams and elite athletes.

Dr. Nathaniel Ibey
MD, CCFP, Dip. Sport Med.

Dr. Nathaniel Ibey is an experienced Sport and Exercise physician, with a passion for athletics. He graduated from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine and has spent much of his career helping athletes recover from game-stopping injuries.

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