Avoiding Injury When Shovelling – Tips from a Sports Medicine Specialist

As we head into March, winter begins to look like it will never end – until the one warm, sunny day that gives us hope.  Lured by longing for spring, we often routinely forget that Mother Nature usually has a few more snow blasts left in her during that final stretch towards the new season’s warmth and sun.

Despite an injury-free winter so far, many find these final weeks of winter especially difficult when it comes to staying focused on certain “winter” best practices.

Which ones? Well, perhaps shovelling – which we’ve all had enough of about now. Ironically, the mere knowledge that snow-shovelling can be tough on our bodies isn’t enough to spare us from the temptation to become lax, forgetting the shovelling techniques that have helped us prevent injury though winter so far.  With this in mind, we thought we’d refresh your memory with this handy little how-to video.

In it, sports medicine specialist Dr. Grant Lum offers tips to staying injury free when out there dealing with March snow flare-ups.

Don’t get hurt just because winter is on its way out, and you’re feeling fed-up with the whole thing!  Stay pain free by following the video’s tips. And if you’ve already suffered an injury thanks to the snow, don’t just grin and bear it! Speak to a sports medicine specialist today to get the relief you need. Call Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 1-416-800-0800.