Suffering from knee osteoarthritis in Toronto? We can help. The GLA:D program has been specifically designed to improve your everyday life. This unique combination of education and exercises has resulted in a reduction of progressing symptoms by over 30 percent, according to credible research.

Our program is unique and through GLA:D you can learn to train your body to move in ways that will reduce the pain, prevent the progression of symptoms, and strengthen and correct your daily moving patterns.

The GLA:D program Toronto we offer is modeled after a similar version that was successful in Denmark.  If you’re suffering from hip or knee osteoarthritis, this program can reduce sick leave and even increase your physical activity level.

Here’s how it works:


The program starts with two or three education sessions. We’ll begin by outlining the risk factors and symptoms of osteoarthritis. This session will go over a few different topics including the currently available treatments as well as how you can self manage your symptoms.

In this part of our comprehensive course, we’ll talk about the benefits of exercise and how knee osteoarthritis can hamper daily activities otherwise.


Next, our GLA:D program Toronto will teach you a series of neuromuscular exercises led by a certified therapist. Our training program is comprehensive and selects only those individuals who have an aptitude and understanding of the problems surrounding osteoarthritis.

You’ll learn a series of exercises that will help to build up your muscles. These exercises, in turn, will help you with each and every one of your daily activities. Central to each of these exercises is learning how to control your posture and movements.


Our GLA:D program Toronto is with you every step of the way as you learn how to live a full active life with knee osteoarthritis.  Our clinic also evaluates your progress by collecting data that will help us to constantly improve our program.

We will collect data on your first visit and at several monthly markers along the way so we have a complete overview of your progress. If you’ve visited a healthcare provider for some of these common issues, you might qualify for our program.

Keep in mind that knee osteoarthritis is not just an issue for older Canadians. In fact, there are a number of us from the ages of 30 to 45 who suffer from this disease that can rob you of your enjoyment of life.

Why not get in touch with us today so we can get started?