Sports Psychology Treatment Toronto

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Sports PsychologyReach Your True Athletic Potential

As an athlete, you understand that you cannot perform your best unless you are prepared both physically and mentally. At Athletic Edge, our Toronto sports psychologist is dedicated to helping you focus on what matters to you, in every aspect of your journey. We are here to help you play to your full potential.

After a Sports Injury: Restoring Mental and Physical Health

Sports psychological support can be very beneficial following an injury, or when dealing with issues that affect mood and mental health. If you feel that you could benefit from sports counselling, our AESM Toronto sports psychologist will make a commitment to support you and to help you prepare yourself mentally for the challenges of competition.

Our in-house psychologist holds a PhD in clinical psychology and has years of experience working with athletes just like you. She is also available for performance coaching in areas such as business and performing arts.

At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, our Toronto Sports Psychologists are able to assist athletes who are serious about improving their performances, injured athletes who are seeking motivation, people trying to overcome the pressure of competition, and many other issues athletes might encounter. Take the first steps in reaching your true athletic potential.

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