As an athlete, you understand that performing your best requires physical and mental preparation. At Athletic Edge our Toronto sport-dedicated psychologist will help you focus on what matters most, in every aspect of your training and competition. We train you to realize your full potential.


Improved Focus

Whether you’re long-distance running, driving the golf ball or caught in transition, being in the “zone” with a clear mind will improve your execution.

Faster Recovery

Recovery from an injury can be long and debilitating. Get back on the track, court, or field faster using proven techniques like “self-talk” to speed up recovery.

Better Performance

Master powerful visualization techniques that can give an immediate boost to your performance in high-pressure situations.

Elite-Level Confidence

Perfect practice is nothing without the confidence to execute under pressure. Learn to squash doubt and dominate your sport.

Emotional Strength

Errors and mistakes can flood you with emotion in the heat of competition. Learn to take control and play at your optimal level.

Competitive Advantage

It can be the small things that give you the biggest advantage. Gain an Athletic Edge on the competition through proper mental preparation.


    Mental support is crucial following an injury, especially when it affects your mood and mental health. If playing at the top of your game is important to you our sport specific, Toronto-based psychologists, will help you deal with the challenges of competing after injury.

    Our in-house psychologist holds a PhD in clinical psychology and has years of experience working with athletes just like you. She is also available for performance coaching in areas such as business and performing arts.

    At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine our Toronto psychologists dedicate themselves to helping you improve your performance, motivate you through injury, overcome the pressure of competition, and much more. Take the first steps in reaching your true athletic potential.

    Contact our Richmond Hill office at 905-707-6880 today for more information on psychology consultation services. 


    What is sports psychology?

    Sports psychology is the practice of helping athletes, coaches and trainers achieve optimal performance. It addresses the well-being and development of athletes, both physically and mentally. Sports psychology has been widely adopted by the NHL, NCAA, MLB, Olympic association and even the Canadian Armed Forces.

    What does a sports psychologist do?

    A sports psychologist is a trained and licenced professional who has undergone strict training and education. These experts help athletes improve mindset and deal with psychological or emotional issues that are impacting performance. Sports psychologists coach athletes in self-confidence, injury recovery, mental focus, emotional control and much more.

    Is sports psychology covered under OHIP?

    OHIP does not cover sports psychology, but it may be covered by extended healthcare plans. Check with your insurance provider for more details.

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