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Everything your injury needs, in one convenient downtown location.

Sport Physiotherapy Treatment

Recover faster, stay fit while you heal, and come back stronger than ever with Athletic Edge Sports Medicine’s physiotherapy services.

Sports Medicine Consultations

Get an expert diagnosis from sports medicine doctors in Toronto, and receive ongoing assessments to test your readiness to return.

Knee Osteoarthritis Program

Restore function, reduce pain, and ease joint tightness with our knee osteoarthritis program that includes therapy, custom braces, and orthotics.

Viscosupplementation Injections

Ultrasound guided viscosupplementation injections are a non-surgical treatment that can help knee pain from osteoarthritis.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to your excellence. We understand that reaching anything less than your optimum health potential is simply not good enough. This is why our team of skilled practitioners work with you to provide a customized plan that gets you from where you are to exactly where you need (and want) to be.

AESM Gives Back

At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine clinic in Toronto, we believe that just as our role with our patients is to heal, and our role within the community is to help. We support various causes that are close to our heart. Click below to read more.

Some of Our Teams


Led by Dr. Grant Lum, our Toronto sports medicine doctors team has 4 expert MD’s on staff who help elite athletes and enthusiasts keep playing.


Decades of combined expertise in occupational therapy, chronic pain management, manual therapy, concussion management and more.


Experienced, sports chiropractors who can help you correct any joint motion issues and decrease pain caused by abnormal joint function.

Don’t play around with your injury.

See the right experts, at the right time.

We’re athletes too

So we’re passionate about getting you back to what you love

A quick recovery means work

Sure – you can rest, ice, compress, and elevate while laying in bed for the next 2 months. But if you want to get back to your life as quickly as possible, there’s no getting around this fact. Recovery is work.

Good thing we’re experts at getting people started (and keeping them on track).

A safe recovery means help

Yeah, there’s YouTube videos and a thousand blogs about doing physical therapy at home. But unless you know exactly what went wrong and why, deciding on your own routine is a gamble.

In AESM Sports Medicine Clinic in Toronto, we’ll not only put you on the right path to recovering from your injury, we’ll also offer ongoing support and monitoring to keep you safe.

A proper recovery means prevention

Because what good is a recovery if you’re just going to get injured again in a few months?

That’s why our job isn’t finished when you’re healed up.

It’s only done when we train you to improve your form, strengthen your joints, and avoid future injury.

A full recovery means improvement

Most of your injuries will heal by themselves (assuming you rest long enough). But they almost never heal 100%. Recovering without proper support can impact your mobility and strength. For the rest of your life.

Our sports medicine doctors in Toronto will help you not only recover, but fix the muscle imbalances and movement limitations that caused your injury in the first place.

Don’t wait on your recovery.