April Showers Bring…Aches and Pains! Get Relief from a Massage Therapist

Massage TherapistApril is here – hurray! – and winter may finally be history.  While it’s not exactly Key Largo out there, the milder weather is something we feel beckoned to enjoy. The problem is, mild weather does not necessarily mean rain-free, in fact, April is known to be one of Canada’s rainier months. So where do you find relief from rain-related aches and pains?  This might be the perfect time to link-up with a relief-inducing, relaxation-brewing registered massage therapist.

Why? Many of the injuries or pain that athletes suffer from, are rooted in a common set of conditions. Both acute and chronic injuries can lead to tissue damage that makes participating in activities of various kinds difficult.  Working with a registered massage therapist can reduce musculature swelling, pain, and inflammation caused by injuries. Massage can also do wonders to improve blood circulation, which promotes healing and the effective prevention of future injuries.

Why not just head to the spa? Well, if you are looking to merely relax or de-stress, that might do fine.  But if you want massage-bang-for-your-buck, you may also want to also include effective techniques for easing sports-related muscle tightness.  In this case, massage therapy from a sports medicine clinic is your best bet.

A sports injury clinic isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to massage.  It offers a thorough assessment of your unique injury (or injuries) and body, followed by an individual treatment plan for making you injury-free. This treatment may include a number of different manual movements by a specialist trained in Swedish massage or Shiatsu massage.

So how does it work? Firstly, when a massage therapist applies pressure to certain points where muscles are constricted, tissues relax, thereby reducing painful contractions and spasms. Proper massage therapy can also loosen and lengthen tight muscles (reducing the risk for injury).   A reduction of nerve compression also facilitates muscles getting proper nutrients and operating more efficiently. In short, a massage therapist can also help your body regain balance and proper alignment.

Consider too, that massage therapy treatment may also be part of a combination of therapies like physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, or acupuncture. Together these can speed up the healing and rehabilitation process, returning you to the activities you love that much faster. As mentioned, your individualized treatment depends on your massage therapist’s assessment of your unique needs.

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