Premier Wrist Brace

The Premier Wrist Brace is recommended for conditions such as carpal tunnel or wrist ligament sprains, and is designed to allow maximum contouring at the palmar crease to allow full finger function.

This brace has a removable and adjustable palmar stay for maximum support and has a generous thumb opening to allow freedom of movement.

This products is latex free and is constructed of durable, breathable, padded material for maximum wear and comfort and has a loop and lock closure to adjust easily.

  • This product is available for the left or right hand
  • This product is available in sizes: small, medium and large

TK Thumbster Brace

The TK Thumb Orthosis Brace is recommended for thumb tendonitis or arthritis and De Quervain’s syndrome.

This brace has a universal design to fit either left or right hand with interchangeable rigid stays for comfort and support.

This brace is latex free, and has perforated neoprene for breathability.

  • This product come in one size fits all.

The Wrist Wrap

The Wrist Wrap is ideal for mild to moderate wrist sprains and strains. With its unique wrap-around design it provides compression and support at the same time.

The Wrist Wrap has a universal design, is easy to apply with hook and loop closure.

  • This product is one size fits all
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