Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto

Is an injury or chronic pain keeping you from doing what you love?

Every day, world-class athletes sustain game-stopping injuries.

And every day – without exception – they seek help from experts they trust. Experts with experience helping athletes keep playing. Experts who stay up-to-date with the latest developments in physiotherapy.

Experts like Athletic Edge Sports Medicine

Our Downtown Toronto Physiotherapy Clinic Can Help You…

Recover like an elite athlete

We help world-class athletes keep playing. And you can get the same treatment – with a level of attention and care you need to recover as quickly as possible.

Use the newest treatments available

Because we help the biggest athletes in the business, we’re expected to use the latest treatments in sports medicine. And you can too.

Avoid getting surgery

Sometimes surgery is unavoidable. But often, there are other options. Get treatments like PRP and stem cell injections to recover without going under the knife.

Get all your injury care at one clinic

Because we staff 35 specialists in sports medicine, physiotherapy, chiropractic and more – you won’t need to drive from clinic-to-clinic for all of your injury treatment.

Come back stronger than ever

We offer custom physiotherapy routines to help you improve your form, break through your plateaus, and prevent future injuries.

Don’t waste a single extra day in recovery

Our specialists will test your readiness to return to physical activity, so you don’t have to spend any time on unnecessary rest.

Treatments for Sports Physiotherapy in Downtown Toronto

Our treatments are trusted by some of Toronto’s leading athletes. We offer the following Physiotherapy programs:

  • Osteoarthritis of the knee: You may think that this condition only impacts older athletes, but that’s not necessarily true. Osteoarthritis can strike at any age. Our expert team will determine the most appropriate treatment for you.
  • Running injury clinic: We know how frustrating it can be when you’re prevented from your favorite daily exercise due to an injury. We’ll analyze factors like your gait and running shoes for a personalized and reliable recovery plan.
  • Golf Injury: Nagging injuries and pain are part of being an avid golfer. Our golf injury prevention program is designed for golfers at all levels — we’ll also customize the program to suit individual skill levels, needs, and goals. Our clinic helps address issues related to swing, grip, and stance; flexibility and core strength; and any underlying injuries.
  • And many more: Browse through our full list of programs.

Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is Trusted By…

Physiotherapy Downtown Toronto

All the services you need to keep playing – in one convenient location.

See the right experts
at the right time.

We staff 35 experts across every major sports medicine discipline, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re getting the right treatment from the right specialist.

Be the unstoppable
athlete you want to be.

Our physiotherapy professionals can help you recover from your injury, enhance your movement, improve your form, and avoid repeating the same injuries.

Get all the care
you need to recover.

From manual therapy and remedial exercises, to prescription braces and sport specific conditioning, our expert team has you covered.

Meet your DownTown Toronto Physiotherapists

Aislinn Braun
Registered Physiotherapist

Aislinn holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy from McGill and a masters in physiotherapy from McMaster. She is registered with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and has advanced training in soft tissue release, acupuncture, and dry needling.

Derek Cheung
Registered Physiotherapist

Derek has a master’s of health and rehabilitation science from Western University. His treatment focuses are on patient-centered care and using soft tissue techniques to help his clients.

Stephanie Scodras
Registered Physiotherapist

Stephanie is a current doctoral student at the University of Toronto where she’s researching pelvic floor physiotherapy. Her passion for physiotherapy stems from a desire to help athletes return to their sport.

Paul Godlewski
Concussion and Vestibular Physiotherapist

Paul has over 20 years’ experience helping patients recover from orthopaedic and sports injury conditions. He’s received specalized training from Emory University in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy which treats vertigo and balance disorders.

Cristina Piticco
Registered Physiotherapist

Cristina holds a master’s in physiotherapy from McGill and specalizes in fitness assessments and exercise counseling. She has a particular interest in treating patients from performing arts backgrounds.

Agnes Makowski
Registered Physiotherapist

Agnes is a registered physiotherapist and an adjunct lecturer at the University of Toronto. She works with national sports organizations such as Skate Canada, Wheelchair Basketball Canada, and Gymnastics Canada.

Michelle DeYoung
Registered Physiotherapist

Michelle holds a master of science in physical therapy from Queen’s University, following an honors specialization in kinesiology from Western University. She enjoys working with patients of all ages and athletic backgrounds.

Phil Edwards
Registered Physiotherapist

Phil has over 25 years’ clinical experience and has a primary focus on orthopaedic and soft tissue injuries. He has worked with elite athletes in powerlifting, rugby, and martial arts.

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