Volleyball – Hope (Helping People Everywhere) Volleyball Tournament at Centre Island

There’s nothing like the recent wonderful warm weather to rev Toronto-area volleyball players into high-gear for the 2012 volleyball season. Die-hard volleyball players can already be seen serving, bumping and spiking at popular area beaches like Kew Beach.

Volleyball is one of Canada’s most popular sports. Over 800,000 Canadians of all ages play volleyball regularly. Toronto boasts one of the words largest volleyball communities. Volleyball is an affordable way to participate in a team sport and get some exercise regardless of skill level.

H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Everywhere) Toronto Inc. raises funds to support charities that don’t already benefit from significant public funding.

This year H.O.P.E will be hosting their 24th annual Volleyball Tournament. Teams are formed throughout the GTA – many of them annually – and the event offers a lot of fun, exercise and a great sense of community.  In addition, the H.O.P.E Volleyball Tournament takes place on Toronto’s Centre Island.  Even getting there by ferry is fun and you can conveniently do so at Toronto’s Harbourfront. You don’t have to be an expert to play or enjoy the day, as the event welcomes people of all ages and skill levels. Registration is easy and convenient on the H.O.P.E Volleyball Tournament website.

Like any sport, merely jumping in cold can pose regrettable risks to the body.  Conditioning and preparation can ensure an injury free and fully enjoyable experience.  To improve your endurance and beef-up your physical condition, consider aerobic exercises which will increase endurance, alertness and improve muscle strength by tournament time.  Muscle flexibility is vital for volleyball so warming up and stretching are both essential. Muscle flexibility will also help you increase your anaerobic speed and execution of play on the volleyball court (or beach).

Because of the sudden movements associated with the sport, many volleyball players experience sports injuries at some point. Volleyball involves jumping, lunging and sliding, although fun, can be the perfect recipe for an injury to occur.  Common volleyball injuries include hand injuries, tendonitis in the knee and ankle sprains. Wearing guards and knee pads in addition to conditioning and stretching are part of regular volleyball philosophy.  If you are injured, however, don’t panic. While painful and inconvenient, all of these injuries can be treated through physical therapy and rehabilitation.

A qualified sports therapy clinic can help you develop a plan to recover from your injury, often in a much shorter time than merely waiting for the injury to heal itself – which it may not. Sports therapy clinics offer multidisciplinary teams of professionals whose sole focus is to treat sports injuries.  This specialized treatment is your best chance at a speedy recovery.

The benefits of volleyball far outweigh the risks, and the H.O.P.E Volleyball Tournament on Centre Island provides you and your team with a full day of fun in the sun.  The very BEST payback of this fantastic day is seeing how the collective efforts of participants raise impressive amounts of money for a very worthy cause.  It’s truly a win-win kind of day.

If you are a volleyball player who has suffered a sports injury and would also like information about safely conditioning for volleyball or an event like the H.O.P.E Volleyball Tournament on Centre Island, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 416-800-0800 or visit www.aesmphysiotherapytoronto.ca.