Treat Your Sports Injury Without Surgery: Sonocur Shockwave Therapy

For many athletes suffering from a sports related injury or pain due to sports, their game can become increasingly taxing. Playing through pain in an effort to avoid dealing with it may lead to serious complications in the future, while stopping altogether may lead to both physical and mental outcomes that you want to avoid.

As with any sports related injury, seeking medical assistance is the first thing that you should do. If you suffer an injury on the field or court, ignoring it can worsen things. Attending a sports medicine clinic, by contrast, can be a stepping stone to healing. Sometimes surgery is unavoidable, but if a physician tells you that surgery is not the only option, seek out alternatives. One option might be sonocur shockwave therapy.

What is sonocur shockwave therapy and how does it work? Sonocur shockwave therapy is a non-invasive form of treatment which involves the application of acoustic shockwaves into the affected bone or soft tissue. The shockwaves stimulate a metabolic reaction in the tissue, leading to the breakdown of scarring. This controlled reinjuring of the area on a cellular level allows for a regeneration of blood vessels and bone cells, which leads to faster healing.

What types of injuries does sonocur shockwave therapy treat? There are a number of sports related injuries and aches and pains that benefit from this treatment, including:

–          Tendonitis (rotator cuff, bicep, patellar, quadriceps, Achilles)

–          Epicondylitis (tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow)

–          Iliotibial band syndrome (runner’s knee)

–          Plantar fasciitis

Additional benefits of sonocur shockwave therapy include immediate return to the game – there is no downtime following treatment to recover. Also, sonocur shockwave therapy does not cause tendon damage so your treatment will not lead to further issues in the future. There is also no permanent scarring from shockwave therapy.

If you have sports related aches and pains, or have suffered a sports related injury that makes participating challenging, it might be time to consider an alternative form of treatment such as sonocur shockwave therapy. Don’t force yourself to play through the pain or stay benched. Visit a sports injury clinic today and find out if shockwave therapy is the answer for you.

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