Need to Treat Your Running Injury? A Running Injury Clinic Can Offer Relief and Treatment With Specialized Care!

Running is a favourite activity for many who enjoy the clarity of mind, freedom and health benefits it offers. Whether you run daily to keep fit, wear off calories from delicious food you just can’t give up, or are a dedicated life-long marathon runner, you know that staying in shape is important if you want to reach your running goals. However, most runners are also keenly aware that running injuries can disrupt one’s ability to strive for peak performance, and even inhibit their ability to perform at all.

Running is rife with a host of possible injuries, many of which can happen inadvertently. Sprains, torn ligaments, Achilles tendon problems, ankle instability, knee and joint pain, or plantar fasciitis are all common injuries experienced by runners. A running injury clinic can not only help you prevent injuries like these, but also help treat your running injury once it has been sustained.

A running injury clinic is equipped to provide you with a number of important services, the first of which is an assessment.  This includes a running shoe analysis, a treadmill running assessment, and a computerized gait analysis. Results from these tests are tools used to develop a customized plan to help treat your running injury and get you back on track – literally!

A recent study by the University of Calgary has found that proper strength training is crucial for rehabilitating running injuries as well as preventing them.  A running injury clinic will work you through strength training exercises to help you soothe and treat your running injury. By teaching you how to correctly complete a customized exercise regimen that will benefit you the most, a running injury clinic prepares you for the future and lays the groundwork for injury-free peak physical conditioning.

What also happens during this process – and this is not unimportant – is the opportunity to address the current issues, habits of strain or neglect and other problems that stem from your running injury.  This component of treatment is invaluable since it focuses you on changing the very things that can cause a running injury in the first place. This long term benefit of treating your running injury at a running injury clinic can revolutionize your performance and longevity in the sport. All too often, runners will run through the initial pain, hoping that it will go away. And, all too often this initial pain is the sign of something that could become serious, and frequently does. It is critical, in order to keep you at the top of your game, to not ignore the early signs of a running injury, but to seek the professional care and guidance of a running injury clinic.

If you have suffered a running injury, there are several options that may be available to you. A running injury clinic will detail what these options are and help you treat your running injury. Working with a medical professional specifically trained in sports medicine not only reduces pain and limitations caused by an existing injury but also offers you a better understanding of your current habits and how to create an injury-free running regimen in the future – many times with the help of  proper equipment and strength training.  It’s a win-win formula: treat your running injury – and prevent future injuries.

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