Suffering from Sports-Related Pain? Visit a Sports Medicine Clinic

Sports Medicine ClinicBasketball, hockey, soccer, running, and skiing may seem largely unrelated but they all have something in common! Each of these sports can lead to pains and strains – or serious injuries. So what options exist for treating pains and strains? You have several – but one of the more crucial options involves visiting a doctor at a sports medicine clinic.

How does a sports medicine clinic differ from a general family practitioner? Well, the most important difference is that sports clinic specialists are experienced in specifically treating sports injuries. This means that the majority of their patients seek treatment for a sports-related injury and sports-related pain. They know their stuff!

So what kind of treatment are we talking about? There are a number of different services that a sports injury clinic should offer:

–        Chiropractic treatment – Chiropractors use various different techniques, including things like Active Release or the Graston Technique to adjust and manipulate misaligned joints. This works to help reduce or eliminate pain, restoring normal function.

–        Osteopathy – Osteopathy is a form of treatment which focusses on the relationship between structure and function of the body and uses manual forms of manipulation to help the body heal itself naturally.

–        Physiotherapy – Physiotherapy often includes several varieties of treatment, including acupuncture and manual therapy. These techniques work to heal injuries, restore function, increase movement and help prevent future injuries.

–        Fitness training and nutritional counseling – Staying in shape is vital to avoiding sports-related injuries, so fitness training and nutritional counseling can go a long way to helping you achieve this.

–        Golf injury prevention program – Golfers: this type of program is geared at ironing out the mechanics of your swing; ensure that your equipment is best suited to you; and to help fix any issues with stance, which is a must for prevention.

And what about prevention? Isn’t that a big part of athletic therapy? Of course, it’s paramount. In fact, having not sustained a sports-related injury in the past doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about preventing one in the future. A sports medicine clinic can help with this too. How? Programs such as fitness training can get you back in shape after an absence of any kind. Massage therapy can also help you relax and rejuvenate after particularly rigorous activity and help you avoid future strains. Prevention management should never be cast aside when you are active.

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