We have implemented measures to keep our patients and staff safe.

For patients:

  • Patients are required to wear a mask* during their visit and practice hand hygiene upon entering the clinic, as well as upon leaving.
  • We require that all patients have a credit card on file to decrease the interactions at the front desk for payment.
  • We ask that family members do not come with patients for appointments so that we can observe appropriate social distancing. 
  • If a family member requires translation services, the family member translating could stay in our hallway and translate via telephone with the patient in the room.
  • Parents are asked to either remain out in our hallway during their child’s appointment or to book their child in for an appointment when social distancing restrictions are relaxed further in the future.

* We are aware that some patients may have a health condition that makes it difficult or uncomfortable to wear a mask. For those patients, we offer the option to wear a shield, which gives some protection but does not interfere with breathing.  

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, if we encounter a situation where a patient declines to wear a mask (or another face covering), we should sensitively explain the expectation that they wear a mask and the importance of protecting all involved by following the recommendations of public health organizations. Depending on the patient’s needs, and our ability to safely isolate and provide care, we may need to defer or reschedule their appointment or redirect them to a setting that can safely provide care to them.

For our staff:

  • We are wearing masks and working on reduced schedules, staggering start times, and scheduling breaks in between patients for thorough disinfection of workspaces.
  • We have reconfigured our rooms and installed plexiglass barriers at reception to reduce droplet spread and have greater social distance.