Neck & Back Products

Over-door Cervical Traction Unit
For Home Use

This cervical traction unit is ideal to use at home to treat cervical strains and degenerative disc disease. The traction unit comes complete with a universal self-adjusting head halter, heavy duty hanger, spreader bar, over door pulley system, and a 20lb…Read More


Shoulder and Elbow Braces

Bandit Tennis Elbow Brace

The Bandit Tennis Elbow Brace is designed to relieve pain from (epicondylitis) golfer’s or tennis elbow. The Bandit is latex free and will not inhibit circulation. It is made from heavy-duty plastic, with a hook and loop closure…Read More


Hand and Wrist Braces

Premier Wrist Brace

The Premier Wrist Brace is recommended for conditions such as carpal tunnel or wrist ligament sprains, and is designed to allow maximum contouring at the palmar crease to allow full finger function. This brace has a removable and adjustable…Read More


Knee Braces

Bodyflex II Knee Brace

The Bodyflex II Knee Brace is recommended for chondromalacia, patella tracking and patella subluxation. This brace has a seamless popiteal and moveable straps for easy fitting. It has four spiral stays for medial and lateral stability…Read More


Custom Knee Bracing

DJO Defiance III

The DJO Defiance III is a custom knee alignment brace and is recommended for conditions such as hyperextension, ACL, PCL or combined ACL/PCL instabilities, ACL or PCL reconstructions, and MCL/LCL insta…Read More


Foot and Ankle Braces

Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace

The Aircast Airsport Ankle Brace has a semi-rigid shells and air cells to provide comfort and support. The Airport is ideal for active individuals who are recovering from a Grade I or II ankle sprain, and looking to prevent further injury…Read More


Post-Op Bracing

Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm Fit Sling

The Corflex Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm Fit Sling is prescribed post operatively for surgeries such as shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repairs, Bankart repairs, shoulder separations and dislocations. The post-op Shoulder Abduction Pillow with Firm…Read More


Rehab Products

Travel Roller

The Travel Roller has a compact design to conveniently provide fast and effective self myofascial release of chronically tight muscles…Read More