March Break is Coming Up – Your First Step to Getting in Shape and Healthy Weight Loss is a Registered Dietician

With March Break just around the corner, you may be thinking about getting in shape and toning up. Whether your options involve a vacation to a sunny destination requiring a week spent in a swim suit, or simply setting some quality time aside for some outdoor exercise with the kids, now is the time to get started. A healthy weight loss plan can get you in better shape for March Break quicker than you think.

There are so many different diet and exercise plans out there promising quick results. Some offer instant fixes to curb cravings, or expect you to cut out certain foods entirely – many of which may actually be healthy for you. Other fads promise weight loss without exercise. Finding a long-term solution for healthy weight loss, through a realistic plan that includes increased fitness, will depend on your health and personal goals.

Registered dieticians, whether in one-on-one or in a group settings, can help you set and achieve goals for healthy weight loss. Motivation and support can do wonders to keep you on track, and a registered dietician serves as a healthy weight loss coach offering advice that increases your chances of success.

Be realistic about what results your healthy weight loss plan should offer. †Again, by sitting down with a registered dietician, you will be able to establish a meal plan for weight loss that utilizes your food preferences and helps you budget wisely. As part of your food management counseling, you will also get tips about how to control food cravings, understanding food labels, and tips for eating smartly when you are not at home.

We all know that exercise needs to be a part of any healthy weight loss plan, especially if you want to tone up, so another important benefit of working with a registered dietician is that they will work with you to create an exercise plan that fits your schedule.

We all know it‘s far easier to say we‘re going to lose weight than to lose it. This is why a registered dietician‘s input can be instrumental to your transformation and success. Let their support, encouragement and advice help you achieve your healthy weight loss goals and get you March-Break-ready.

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