Our Toronto exercise physiology lab testing services at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine are important. We’ve always believed that a hands-on approach is the best way to treat sports injuries. Our professionals are dedicated to getting you back up and playing again in several different ways. That’s where these lab testing services come in.

It’s all about our commitment to provide expert diagnosis and treatment. Through a series of different tests encompassing a variety of activities, an athlete’s wellness and performance can be evaluated.

Here are just some of the areas where our exercise psychology lab can supply information to help athletes recover from injury.

Cardiac output

Cardiac output is one of the major metrics used in recovery from injury. Because most of this cardiac output uses up energy by exercising muscles, it a valuable tool to strengthen injured areas as well.

Respiratory output

Closely tied with cardiac output, an athletes’ respiratory output during exercise can also be an indicator of any problem areas. The respiratory responses to exercise can contain various telltale metrics including:

  •  Reflexive indicators from the joints and muscles. Keep in mind that AESM has a team that specializes in ACL injuries. We are especially proud of the fact that we have a wide variety of services that help you to recover from one of these particular injuries.
  • Hyperventilation. Understanding where the body has stressed itself to its physical limit is part of being able to help any athlete recover from an injury. When the respiratory output is properly monitored, muscle mass can be built up in a sustainable way without the risk of hyperventilation.

The Toronto exercise physiology lab testing services we offer are all staffed by the most well trained and dedicated professionals in the discipline.  We understand that mental and physical aspects work hand-in-hand for a complete recovery from any sports injury.

It’s our focus to make sure that you can keep playing. Our exercise physiology lab testing includes several different types of treadmills as well as EKG machines and stationary bikes.

As well as measuring other important factors like cardiovascular fitness, we can also evaluate and monitor an athlete’s performance factors. Body composition is another one of the metrics that we gather data on.

AESM is dedicated to making sure that you heal from your sports injuries and can continue on the field enjoying the games you love.