Prepare for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon with Professional Athletic Therapy

scotiabank waterfront marathonOctober 20th marks the advent of the annual Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, a 5km, half-marathon or full marathon in support of such charities as the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Autism Dog Services and St. Christopher’s House. This is a brilliant opportunity to raise some money for wonderful organizations while participating in a great event!

Preparing for a marathon can be a big undertaking. In order to compete you need to be in top form – especially if you want to avoid the pain and strain that can accompany this sport. One wise way to ensure your body is ready is to have a proper fitness assessment – and a sports medicine specialist is the perfect professional to turn to! This assessment can identify any issues and address them effectively.

If you are recovering from an injury, athletic therapy is an important resource to consider for readying your body ready for a marathon. If you are an avid runner but have sustained a running injury, an injured runner’s clinic might be the best place to start. Your sports medicine specialist can assess the injury, identify underlying issues that led to the injury and help determine a long-term routine to get you back to your best.

Recovering from a torn ACL? Athletic Therapy can see you fitted for a custom ACL knee brace to help increase knee stability while allowing for a wide range of movement and flexibility.  A custom knee brace is also a boon for those suffering from knee osteoarthritis.

What about foot pain like plantar fasciitis? Athletic therapy may include custom foot orthotics. These can help to reduce pain and stabilize your feet. Custom foot orthotics can also help with back and hip pain.

What about osteopathy? A great way to restore balance, reduce pain and speed natural healing is by visiting an osteopath who can address related pain and help you overcome it.

Whether you are prepping for the Toronto Waterfront Marathon or just want your a-game back to achieve your own personal goals, athletic therapy can investigate any problems that cause you challenges and provide you with effective solutions. Walking or running with pain is neither pleasant nor is it a good idea, so make sure to address any lingering problems.

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