At Athletic Edge, we understand that your life shouldn’t revolve around a complicated diet plan. And with so many diets out there, how do you decide which one is right for you? Losing weight doesn’t need to be a guessing game that causes you daily stress and frustration. 

Whether your goals are to keep up with your kids, dominate your sport, or just walk the beach with confidence, we have a simple plan for you…


Stop Wasting Time

Yo-yo diets that starve you throughout the day are preventing you from reaching our goals. We only offer evidence-based weight-loss plans.

Stay On Track

If your target goal is too high, then chances are that you will be less likely to succeed. We teach you how to set achievable goals that keep you on track.

Take Immediate Control

You’ve been eating healthy all day, but it’s 3 PM and you can start to feel that wild craving for junk food. Learn how to control your appetite and crush your cravings.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Have you ever felt like your poor eating habits were out of your control? We teach you how to manage and replace those nasty habits that are holding you back.

Receive a Customized Plan

Not ready to stop living your life, just for a diet? Not a problem, our expert Nutritionist will develop a done-for-you, weight-loss plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Get Expert Knowledge

You’re in good hands. Our Registered Dietitian, Stefanie Senior, managed the Steps to Less – Weight Management program at St. Michael’s Hospital.


At our clinic, your physical health and goals come first. We do not encourage or endorse fad diets, unhealthy weight loss plans, or “quick fixes”. We want you to reach your goals safely and for the long-term. 

We offer several different programs to get you on the fast track to living a leaner, fitter life. Contact AESM now to book your FREE consultation with Stefanie to help you determine which weight management program is right for you.

Our nutrition and lifestyle coach, Stefanie Senior, is a registered dietitian with experience working with people at all levels of physical health and wellness. To contact Stefanie Senior directly, please email

Check your health benefits plan. You may be covered for our registered dietitian services in Toronto.