Toronto Waterfront Marathon: Beat Knee Pain with an ACL Knee Brace

ACL Knee BraceRunners get ready – the 25th annual Toronto Waterfront Marathon is fast approaching, and participants are gearing up for the races! This wonderful event, in support of a number of different charities, gives participants the chance to get out there, take in some of the city sites, have some fun and get in a great run! Whether you are an avid runner or just want to dress up and run with a team, this is a fantastic way to do it!

However if you are suffering from knee pain as a result of a torn ACL that might keep you from beating last year’s time, joining in might not be as exciting as it should be. If this is the case, and you feel as though your knee pain is seriously holding you back, it might be time to think about getting some relief from the pain in the form of an ACL knee brace.

ACL injuries are very common, especially for runners. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a ligament inside your knee, and an ACL injury occurs when this ligament is torn, often because of rapid deceleration when running, or sharp, sudden changes in direction. Improper or heavy/stiff-legged landings or even sharp twists to the knee are also common causes for an ACL injury. When an individual suffers an ACL injury, the result is often pain and instability. Sometimes these types of injuries do require surgery to repair the tear, but other times a knee brace can help significantly.

So how can an ACL knee brace help? In a number of different ways. Firstly, whether you have had surgery to repair a tear, and are therefore using the brace for post-op rehabilitation, or if the tear did not require surgery and your doctor has suggested a knee brace, the end goal is likely the same. An ACL knee brace can not only help you to rebuild the muscles in the knee and redistribute weight evenly, it can also reduce further wear and tear by providing much needed support.

Instead of walking your way through the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, help celebrate 25 years ‘running’ by visiting a sports medicine clinic today and being fitted for a custom ACL knee brace and get the relief you need.

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