Keep Swinging and Prevent Common Golf Injuries

The 4th Annual Joe Carter Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament supporting the Children’s Aid Foundation, is right around the corner. Celebrities will be tee-off at Eagle’s Nest Golf Club in Maple on June 18th, having fun showing off their skills while raising money. But just because you and I may not been invited to play alongside the stars in that fundraiser doesn’t mean that we take our game any less seriously. And an important part of training and readying ourselves for the game means avoiding common golf injuries.

Most golfers, no matter their skill-level, are aware of some of the aches and pains that accompany the game. Back pain, shoulder pain or knee pain are the result of common golf injuries that stem from stance and swing. Repetition can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome; tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are also common (although, ironically, tennis elbow is more common that golfer’s elbow). These golf injuries plague many players, so working to avoid them is crucial if you want to stay on the fairways.

How can you avoid common golf injuries and keep swinging? A golf injury prevention program offered by a sports injury clinic is always a good idea. Designed to address these kinds of issues before they arise, sports injury clinics offer you tips and advice helpful for keeping you in the game you love.

Don’t assume that a golf injury prevention program is just for avid golfers either. Whether you’ve just started playing or are an 18-hole veteran, the right golf injury prevention program will have been developed to work with all players, no matter their level of skill.

So, how will a golf injury prevention program address -and help you avoid – common golf injuries? By focusing on the fundamentals of golf, such as swing, grip and stance, the program will help you fix any snags in your game while helping you avoid future ones. These programs also target any underlying injuries which can seriously impact your game. Concentrating on flexibility, core strength and bio mechanics, as well as catering to your short and long term goals are also important aspects of a golf injury prevention program.

Not only will a golf injury prevention program help you avoid common golf injuries, it can also help you improve your gameĀ – another great reason to partake!

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