Gearing Up For The 2013 Golf Season: Avoid Golf Injuries Before They Happen

As March winds down and the snow melts we start to see golf courses welcoming players onto the tee. It is also pretty common to see those early bird golfers out there perfecting their swing at neighbouring driving ranges at the first possible chance. If you‘re hooked on golf, warm weather is constantly tempting and prompting you to fit a game in as often as you possibly can!!

But how do you prepare for the golf season before it starts? Do you head out and find yourself a new set of clubs? Purchase some new golf shoes? These tasks will make you look stylish but do nothing to prepare your body for the course.

While some don‘t see golf as a strenuous sport, those who play – and know the game – recognize that it‘s a great form of exercise, working several different muscles in your body. Like many other sports, golf too has common injuries that people struggle with. Golf injuries can come from a variety of different factors – be it inexperience or repetition. Avoiding golf injuries is crucial if you want to keep up your normal level of play. A sports injury clinic that offers a golf injury prevention program will help you no matter what your golf handicap!

A common complaint from golfers is back pain. When you spend the day on the course and find yourself suffering from back pain for days afterwards, this may be caused by your stance and swing. A golf injury prevention program can help you perfect those movements in order to avoid common golf injuries like back pain.

Interestingly, tennis elbow is another of the most common golf injuries. Your grip, if too loose or too rigid, can cause the muscles on the outside of your upper arm to become inflamed and sore. Golfer‘s elbow is also common among golfers (although ironically less common than tennis elbow), and effects the inside of the upper arm. A golf injury prevention program can help you work on that grip and help you avoid having to deal with these golf injuries.

Rather than settling for some programs that offer a conventional golf program that is meant to work for all, find one that is tailored and customized to fit your game. Recognizing that everyone does not play at the same skill level is part of what makes a good golf injury prevention program work, and customizing training to address your specific habits and tendencies will make your investment much more valuable.

Before polishing up the clubs for that first drive, make sure that you attend a sports injury clinic that offers a golf injury prevention program to brush up on your stance, swing and grip, and to help you avoid golf injuries throughout the season.

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