Keep Your Golf Game in Top Form with These Golf Fitness Tips

With the US Open just around the corner, many golfers are thinking about tweaking their game. Players taking to the green in June know how to hit a ball. But a great deal of golf success involves golf fitness and avoiding golf injuries – after all, you can’t take home that million dollar purse if you’re not in top form.

While many of us don’t play at the same level as those competing in tournaments, it doesn’t mean we should settle for not being in good shape and prepared for a day on the course. Keeping that in mind, here are some important golf fitness tips to keep your body limber and your swing tight!

Golf fitness tip #1 – Notwithstanding the reiteration of what was hammered into our heads in elementary school (to stretch before partaking in any sport), remember that stretching before the game is crucial if you want to be on the top of your game while avoiding golf injuries. Exercises that will increase your power, mechanics and flexibility will help target every aspect of your golf game, allowing your body to warm up and stay sharp throughout the day.

Golf fitness tip #2 – Remember that just pre-game stretching is probably not going to cut it. Any smart golf fitness routine should involve some type of activity in the interim. If you only golf on Sunday afternoon, make sure that you are working out during the week. Too much downtime can cause golf injuries that are solely due to excessive inactivity between games. If you golf several times a week, chances are your game may be a little more competitive, so what better way to increase your power and stamina than by exercising your whole body on a regular basis.

Golf fitness tip #3 – Attend a golf injury prevention program. No matter what your level of skill, from beginner to professional, keeping golf injuries at bay is essential. One of the best ways to do this is by taking advantage of the knowledge and expertise of a sports medicine specialist, trained in treating injuries that can keep the clubs in your golf bag and you grounded in the clubhouse. Remember, it can be difficult to avoid injuries if you don’t know what causes them, so a golf injury prevention program can also help you improve you game by working through proper grip and swinging techniques.

Keep your body in top form throughout the entire golf season and keep the clubs in your hand instead of the bag. Golf fitness is very important, not only to avoid golf injuries but also for a strong, consistent game.

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