Dr. Rosty Serebryany
Chiropractor Toronto

Dr. Rosty Serebryany – Chiropractor

Dr. Rosty Serebryany graduated from CMCC in 2005 and has been practising full-time at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine in downtown Toronto since 2007. Dr. Serebryany has a strong focus on sports and performing arts-related injuries, having been a former national team gymnast for Canada and coach in Toronto. He is also a running enthusiast who offers an individualized evaluation of running mechanics and provides appropriate treatment for injured runners.

Dr. Rosty Serebryany provides chiropractic care, Active Release Technique, clinical acupuncture, Graston technique, Kinesiotape and preventative medicine to a patient population that includes amateur athletes, sports enthusiasts and medical professionals. Dr. Serebryany also routinely presents on a variety of chiropractic topics across the city of Toronto.