Hyaluronate Injections and Other Alternatives to Osteoarthritis Surgery

Hyaluronate Injections for knee

Folks suffering from osteoarthritis know very well how painful and inconvenient it is.

Simple acts like getting in and out of your car can be challenging and the pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints is debilitating.

Osteoarthritis generally affects individuals after the age of 45 but is also common in younger athletes. It affects the joints once the cartilage begins to break down over time. Osteoarthritis typically impacts the hips, knees, hands, and feet.  

Unfortunately, cartilage in the joint cannot heal itself. Thus, those who suffer from osteoarthritis must seek out treatment the moment symptoms present themselves.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Osteoarthritis

There are many surgical and non-surgical treatment options for osteoarthritis patients. Yet, surgery can be invasive and painful; there are risks of bleeding and infection, coupled with long recovery times.  

Fortunately, non-surgical treatments for relief from osteoarthritis are very effective.

They include:

  1. Hot and cold therapy
  2. Medication that relieves pain and inflammation
  3. Physiotherapy
  4. Weight reduction
  5. Targeted exercise, prescribed by a physiotherapist
  6. Assistive devices, such as custom foot orthotics and custom knee bracing
  7. Hyaluronate (Durolane) injections
  8. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections
  9. Stem Cell injections

Using Hyaluronate (Durolane) Injections for Osteoarthritis Treatment

Durolane injections have become very popular as a first line treatment for osteoarthritis.

Durolane is a gel that contains sodium hyaluronate, the naturally occurring substance in the joints that increases the viscosity of the joint fluid, thereby cushioning and lubricating the joints. The gel is designed to improve joint function and range of motion, as well as reduce pain. What is a Durolane Injection?

These injections are easy to administer in a clinic and act as an innovative drug-free treatment.

Durolane Injection Side Effects

Since hyaluronate is a substance naturally made in the joints, there are few reactions to the injections. What’s more, they’re generally pain-free.

Scientific evidence shows that hyaluronate slows the progression of osteoarthritis. It helps to delay the need for hip or knee replacement. So starting on injections early in the course of osteoarthritis is imperative.

This is why many younger people suffering osteoarthritis choose Durolane injections.

Other Non-Surgical Options for Osteoarthritis Treatment

PRP Injections

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections involve extracting a small blood sample from the patient, spinning it in a centrifuge, and then carefully removing the red and white blood cells. This leaves the platelets – necessary for clotting – and the plasma – a fluid component of the blood behind.

Plasma contains all the healing factors in the blood – so we’re using the body’s natural ability to heal and applying it to the joint involved with osteoarthritis.

There are studies that show that PRP is an effective method to reduce pain and improve function in patients with osteoarthritis. Evidence in these studies suggests that even a single dose of PRP is extremely effective, at the same level as a double dose.

Stem Cell Injection

Stem cells are the newest form of treatment for osteoarthritis.  

These cells are derived from fatty tissue (usually in the abdomen or buttock), and the whole procedure is done under local anesthesia within a clinic. The idea here is that your own cells may help to repair damaged tissue inside the joint.

The latest studies show that stem cell therapy helps reduce pain and improve function. While there’s more research to be done, the highlighted study says that the use of stem cells “show promise for several chronic non-life-threatening yet disabling conditions” such as osteoarthritis.

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Getting Started with Osteoarthritis Treatment

There are a few paths you can take with your osteoarthritis treatment.

Some patients may want to start conservatively with therapy and, perhaps, bracing or orthotics. Depending on a patient’s urgency, they may choose to start injection therapy sooner.

You have options for your osteoarthritis treatment and the expert medical staff at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is here to help.

Osteoarthritis treatment at Athletic Edge is a multi-pronged approach.  

Our approach towards treatment is via a holistic method. This means we take the entire individual and their needs into account, and not just the arthritic joint. Living healthy combined with targeted treatments yields the best results, in order to help you keep playing.

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