The Run or Dye Toronto 5K – Get Ready with a Running Injury Clinic

Running InjuryRun or Dye is coming to Toronto on June 7th! This fun event gets you out on the track and running (or walking) while you get showered in eco-friendly dye at every kilometre stop. Get out there with your friends, family, or co-workers and participate in what has become known worldwide as the world’s most colourful 5K.

But wait! Before you lace up those sneakers – remember: running, if not done properly, can wreak havoc on the body. Keep these tips from a running injury clinic in mind:

  • Warm up, then stretch. Going full sprint right off the mark is only going to lead to problems in the future, so make sure that you take the time to get your muscles loosened up.
  • Set a path. Determining your route, whether it be on a trail, along the sidewalk, etc., allows you to focus solely on your run.
  • Beginners – start out slow. Pace yourself. Judge minutes, not kilometres.
  • Wear good running shoes (a running injury clinic can actually assess the best pair for you).
  • Kick up that H2O intake – stay hydrated.
  • Learn the proper form. Running requires some technique, and doing it incorrectly can lead to a running injury. A great way to ensure proper technique is to seek guidance from a running injury clinic.
  • Team up. Join a local running club or recruit a friend to head out on the track or trail with you.
  • Don’t pay attention to pace, especially if you are a beginner. You are not going to be able to ‘Usain Bolt’ that track your first trip out, so keep it leisurely (try the ‘talk test’).
  • Wind down. Take the time to let your body relax properly after a run. Do some cooling down exercises and stretches – don’t just plop your butt on the couch.
  • Set goals, even if it is just an extra minute each week – this will help with staying motivated.
  • Listen to your body. If you are suffering from a running injury, don’t ignore the pain. Attending a running injury clinic can help you get relief.

Whether you want to get your body back in peak condition for the exciting tie-dye extravaganza that is Run or Dye Toronto or you just want to stop that pain from keeping you from your regular running routine, the running injury clinic at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine can help. Call us today 416-800-0800.