Running Injury Treatment Clinic

Running Injury Treatment ClinicAt Athletic Edge, we understand your need to run. We know how passionate you are about running and how frustrating it can be to live with an injury that is holding you back from your athletic goals. This is why, at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, we not only treat your actual injury, we treat the underlying issues that can lead to long term issues that have the potential to reoccur or keep you from doing the activities you love.

What to Expect During Your Assessment

You will meet with a sports medicine physician for a detailed assessment of your injury. During your assessment, you will also meet our team of medical professionals, who will help diagnose the source of your injury and prescribe a treatment plan designed specifically for your needs.

Since many running injuries start with the feet, you will have a running shoe analysis and a computerized gait analysis. A certified podiatrist will write a biomechanical gait analysis report based on your results. You will also have a treadmill running video assessment and a biomechanical assessment with one of our program therapists.

Take Control over Your Injury

Find out more about our running injury clinic, our sports medicine physicians or to book your assessment now call 905-707-6880.