Soccer Sprains and Strains? Score Some Relief with Athletic Therapy

Sprains & StrainsAs one of the most popular sports in the world, soccer is played by thousands of people across Canada. Whether you play as part of a team in an organized league or enjoy the odd game of pick-up with your friends at a local field, soccer really is a great form of exercise. It helps you stay in fantastic shape while improving balance, agility, and coordination. But it can also be risky. Soccer injuries, both acute or traumatic, happen all the time.

Soccer related sprains and strains commonly strike the body’s lower extremity, however upper extremity injuries can also happen frequently. The severity of sprains and strains varies and may require different forms of treatment.

Here are some of the most common soccer injuries and effective methods of treatment:

–        Lower Extremity Injuries: these include sprains and strains to the legs, including cartilage tears and anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprains of the knee. The nature of soccer encourages sharp twists and turns which can result in stretched or torn ligaments, the severity of which then dictates one’s required treatment. With a partial ACL tear, a knee brace may be the best form of relief, whereas a full tear may require surgery. Physiotherapy may also be an effective option for, say, an ankle sprain.  In a case like this, physiotherapy is a great way to improve strength and regain ankle function and stability.

–        Upper Extremity Injuries: injuries to the upper extremities can be quite common for soccer players, and usually occur from general contact or when an individual falls on an outstretched arm. These injuries may include wrist strains and sprains, fractures, or shoulder dislocations. As with lower extremity injuries, the treatment and severity of these conditions may vary, with possible massage therapy and/or acupuncture to  improve muscle function and encourage healing of the affected area. Osteopathy can also help restore normative function, speed healing and reduce pain.

If you have sustained a soccer injury, the best advice we can give you is to seek out medical attention immediately. Often with these injuries, the longer you leave them untreated, the worse they get. As noted, treatment may be something as simple as a custom brace or massage therapy, or more concentrated efforts such as surgery.  But the only way to effectively obtain relief is to obtain a proper assessment.

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