ACL Injury Treatment and Reconstruction Program

Rehabilitate. Recover. Keep Playing.

ACL Injury TreatmentIf you have an ACL injury or have undergone ACL surgery, our team of ACL Injury specialists is here to help you recover quickly and fully. Our goal is to help you play to your full potential.

Injuries to the ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament), the main ligament in the knee, are common. This is especially true for female athletes. We see patients with acute ACL tears or after their ACL surgeries and have developed expertise in treating these injuries.

People Trust Our ACL Injury Specialists

We work with many patients with ACL injuries and those in need of ACL reconstruction. We work primarily with Dr. Aaron Nauth, AESM staff orthopaedic surgeon, and Dr. Paul Marks, the surgeon for the Toronto Raptors. Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is the centre of choice for many surgeons to provide post-operative care for their ACL repair patients. With our high level of experience, you know you can trust us to treat your ACL injury and help you prevent future injuries.

At AESM we offer an all-encompassing range of services to help recover from your ACL injury. Book your initial appointment with us to receive your sports medicine physician assessment. From there we may move to evidence-based physiotherapy and custom knee bracing as part of your Anterior Cruciate Ligament treatment program.

For more information about our ACL Rehab Program or our team of sports medicine physicians in Richmond Hill, contact us via our convenient online form, or call 905-707-6880.