Snowshoeing with a Knee Injury? Get Relief with ACL Rehab

Snowshoeing is becoming an increasingly popular sport among Canadians and a great way to get exercise over the long winter months.

Is snowshoeing hard on the knees?

snowshoeing with a knee injury

Getting out on the trails and enjoying the scenery can be a great way to work-out while still taking advantage of the beauty that winter has to offer. That being said, snowshoeing can be tough on the knees – and many snowshoers are not unfamiliar with a torn ACL.

ACL Injuries Can be Common Among Snowshoers.

Think about it – the slippery ice and snow, the fast pace – these can wreak havoc on your ACL. A shortstop or unintentional twist can mean an injury is painful and treatment that is time-consuming.

What Is a Torn ACL?

Your anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is in the middle of the knee, and its primary function prevents the shin bone from sliding out in front of the thigh bone. It also works to stabilize the knee when turning.

A ligament tear can be mild (a small tear) or severe (when the ligament is torn completely or when the ligament and part of the bone separate completely from the rest of the bone).

These injuries commonly occur at the same time as tears to the MCL or cartilage of the knee.

Learn more about ACL Injuries and Treatment for them:

Does an ACL Tear Always Require Surgery?

Full ACL tears do not heal on their own, so treatment is always recommended. Surgery depends on the severity of the injury as well as your future goals.

If you are an athlete or live a very active lifestyle, an ACL injury can keep you from this, and a severe ACL injury may need to be operated on.

That being said, it is essential to consult with a physician regarding a knee injury and they can help determine the best route for treatment.

An assessment is critical for proper treatment and future injury prevention.

ACL Injury Rehabilitation for Snowshoeing

An ACL injury rehab program may include a range of different treatment methods including physiotherapy (acupuncture, manual therapy) or a knee brace – just make sure that the knee brace is custom – not generic.

Having a custom knee brace fit to your exact specifications means more comfort and flexibility when you return to your favourite activities, including snowshoeing.

Whether you are an avid snowshoer or just like to head out there on the trails a few times during the winter, treating an ACL tear correctly is crucial. For more information about ACL treatment and rehab, contact Athletic Edge Sports Medicine by calling (416)-800-0800 or visit us online at

Return to your favourite activities faster with a custom physiotherapy program

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