Avoid Workplace Injury and Improve Employee Comfort with a Professional Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic AssessmentTime equals money, no matter what business you are in. When employees effectively spend their time performing, the company’s end results will reflect this. However, if your employees are not comfortable, or worse, are in pain, their work will suffer. Providing a healthy, safe and comfortable workspace should be a big part of your company mandate – after all, if you want employees to perform, they can’t be focusing on unnecessary details that are not work related. This is why an ergonomic assessment is so important.

Not really familiar with the term and what it implies? Well, ergonomics is a science that investigates the ‘fit’ between people and their work. It considers an employee’s abilities and limitations in an attempt to see that their workspace and daily tasks are not only suitable, but optimal.

Often, discussions surrounding office ergonomics revolve around the best chairs or keyboards, but your workplace ergonomic assessment should go well beyond this. Replacing a few items in the office may be advantageous, but making sure the set-up is ergonomically sound is even better.

If your employees are suffering from back or knee pain, sore feet or other discomfort as a result of repetitive work such as sweeping, typing, lifting, reaching, stretching arms, bending, prolonged sitting or twisting, they may actually be suffering from improper office ergonomics.  Hiring an expert assess the ergonomics of your office may be one of the wisest investments a company can itself.

Another benefit of an ergonomic assessment: reduced turn-over and a reduction of lost employee time. The most common workplace complaints solved by correct office ergonomics are in regards to back pain. Often this back pain can lead to time off – which can cost you money. Additionally, if an employee is suffering from pain or recovering from an injury, a proper ergonomic workspace may allow them to return to work earlier or help aid in their recovery.

Choose a clinic that will come to you – otherwise an ergonomic assessment is not worth your time or money. Using an advanced ergonomic research analysis, this visit’s goal is to evaluate your office and preparing a formal report outlining the findings of the assessment. This evaluation will determine any issues within your work environment, and the report will detail recommendations regarding how to improve the space.

Having a cohesive team that works hard for your company is only part of the equation.  Make sure that this valuable team is comfortable and healthy to ensure your own rewards.

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