Ergonomic Assessment & Employee Health Services

Help Your Employees Reach Their True Potential

Ergonomic AssessmentIf you or any of your employees suffer from physical distress, you can help them recover with an Athletic Edge ergonomic assessment.

Providing a healthy, stimulating, and safe work environment goes beyond a standard ergonomic keyboard or chair. At Athletic Edge, we utilize advanced ergonomics research, practices and procedures to provide ergonomic solutions that cater to your specific issues, circumstance, and personal and professional goals.

Your ergonomic assessment will help with any of the following issues:

  • Musculoskeletal issues and disorders
  • Injury recovery and relapse prevention
  • Injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Comfort and mood elevation
  • Employee turn-over rate reduction

In other words, an ergonomic assessment will help save money, time, and potential employee tension and loss.

What to Expect from Your Athletic Edge Ergonomic Assessment

Your AESM ergonomic expert will travel to your place of work, be it a corporation, warehouse, or home office. She will listen to your concerns, needs, and goals via a mini-interview and symptom-survey. She will, then, perform an encompassing workplace and ergonomic assessment. This will take between one to one and a half hours.

Within two weeks, you will receive a full report of your ergonomic assessment, including:

  • An outline of current workplace issues
  • Specific recommendations
  • Instructions / details regarding modifications

Book your ergonomic assessment or receive more info. Call us at 416-800-0800.