ACL Rehab and ACL Repair: Prep for the July 28th Beaches Jazz Run

Part of the charm and attraction to community races is the camaraderie.  And the Beaches Jazz Run on July 28th is brimming with it. This 5km, 10km, or 20km race starts at the Beaches’ Kew Gardens, and raises funds in support of the Toronto East General Hospital Foundation.  This event attracts all levels: the leisurely jogger, the competitive runner and even those using the event to condition for the subsequent Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon in October.  The Beaches Jazz Run is a seriously great time for everyone.

But what if you are suffering from a torn ACL or have recently had ACL surgery? The Beaches Jazz Run may not seem all that useful if you can’t enjoy it. If you are suffering from the pain caused by a torn ACL, it’s time to consider ACL rehab or treatment for an ACL injury.

ACL injuries are very common among athletes. The ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a joint inside your knee, and an ACL injury occurs when this ligament is torn. ACL injuries are common for athletes whose sports demand sudden stops and changes in direction, like soccer, basketball, tennis and volleyball. This injury can result in inflammation and acute or severe pain.

Does an ACL tear require surgery? It depends on the injury, and a sports injury specialist can help you assess this. It’s never beneficial to avoid dealing with an injury, as ignoring it can be detrimental. If you want to get back to your pre-injury state, it’s best to address the problem by seeking out ACL repair or ACL rehab.

How can a sports injury clinic help with your ACL repair and ACL rehab? Firstly, the method for treatment involves a thorough assessment to evaluate your injury in order to develop the best customizable plan for you. After this, our various treatment options range from physiotherapy to restore function in your muscles and increase movement and relieve pain, to custom knee bracing to help support and stabilize, reducing the pressure impacting the injured or repaired knee.

Don’t let an ACL injury keep you from enjoying the sports you love. Seeking out the proper treatment is crucial in order to get back to peak physical condition, and working with a sports injury clinic experienced in ACL repair and ACL rehab is a smart choice.

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