Toronto Custom Sports Braces | Knee and Elbow Braces

Our goal at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine is to get you back to playing at your full potential with of course, the proper support.

Custom Knee And Elbow BracesAt AESM, we carry a variety of bracing products including custom sports braces, knee and elbow braces to help you keep playing.

From ankle to knee to elbow to back braces, we will help you get the proper support which will serve to distribute your weight in a beneficial manner.

  • Alleviate stress
  • Reduce Pain
  • Increase Safety
  • Promote Healing and Recovery

But these benefits can only occur if you have the right bracing products to suit your sports injury and body type. Trusting a knowledgeable bracing provider like AESM to obtain your bracing products is imperative, AESM is the authority in bracing products and we are trusted by professional athletes and the athletically inclined across the GTA.

Types of Braces Provided by AESM

  • Unloader Braces
  • Knee Braces
  • Custom ACL Braces
  • MCL Stabilizer Knee Braces
  • Patellar Stabilizer Knee Braces
  • Several more varieties


Learn About Custom Bracing Products from AESM

Custom Knee Bracing

If you are suffering from osteoarthritis of the knee, an Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury, recovering from an ACL surgery, or your knee requires stabilization for another reason, you could likely benefit from the use of a custom knee brace, such as an unloader brace.

Hand and Wrist Braces

Hands and wrists are vulnerable to injury when they are stretched beyond their normal limits, by repetitive strain or by bad posture and ergonomics. Athletic Edge Sports Medicine offers hand and wrist supports to treat conditions such as: carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis and skier’s thumb as well as many other sports injury related concerns.

Elbow Braces

We have a wide variety of elbow braces to suit your specific pain. Coupled with rest and the right rehabilitation program, we can help you treat tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow so you can get back in your sport quickly. We also fit custom braces for elbow instability issues.

Ankle Braces

Recovering from a sports injury to the ankle can be difficult if you do not have the correct ankle support. At Athletic Edge Sports Medicine, we provide the right ankle brace with the right fit. Supplement the brace with a rehabilitation program and we will get you back on your feet quickly and safely. We have ankle braces for the acute phase of an ankle injury, or to support ankles that have been repeatedly injured. Some of our ankle braces are strong enough to be worn by football players, and others are light enough to be worn by dancers.

What to Expect from AESM

At AESM, you will visit with one of our qualified professionals to measure you for your new bracing product. Bracing devices are often covered by extended health care plans so your brace as part of your treatment may be obtained at little or no cost to you.

For more information about bracing products in general or custom knee braces specifically, to book an assessment or a fitting, contact us today via our convenient online form, or call 416-800-0800.