World Series Comes to a Nail Biting Finish – Beat Your Baseball Injuries

Baseball Injury TreatmentThe 2014 World Series of Baseball is now coming to an end, and teams like the Giants and the Royals are out there on the field playing their hearts out trying to win that ever-elusive world championship. No matter the outcome of the series though, each of these teams has finished the season with a bang – but not without suffering some setbacks along the way – mostly in the form of baseball injuries that kept players from the plate for often extended periods of time.

Baseball injuries are a common risk in the game, and if you play you know that soft tissue injuries, even those that are not severe, can be devastating to your own game.

Check out this video from Health Choices First: In it, physiotherapist Johnny Yiu discusses the most common soft tissue injuries in baseball and how they occur, including hamstring pulls, groin strains and ankle rolls.

When it comes to soft tissue injuries such as these, a great option for treatment and relief is physiotherapy. Through a combination of different treatments, which may include acupuncture, manual therapy or strength and conditioning, physiotherapy can help to restore function, improve movement, increase strength and flexibility and prevent future injuries.

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