World Cup 2014: Yaya Toure’s Hamstring Injury

Yaya Toure’s Hamstring InjuryThanks to the sudden acceleration soccer players commonly do to chase the ball down, sprinting outright down the pitch, or due to a direct hit, hamstring injuries are very common within the sport. The hamstring muscles, that group of large powerful muscles that span the back of the thigh, are in no way immune to damage, and several World Cup 2014 players are currently dealing with this painful condition.

After sustaining a hamstring injury during play for Manchester City in the English Premier League, Yaya Toure, Ivory Coast’s three time African player of the year, was cleared for play in the World Cup. He went on to help secure a 2-1 victory over Japan on the 14th, followed unfortunately by a 2-1 loss to Columbia on the 19th. Although his injury was treated in the weeks before the tournament, the midfielder has been out there pushing hard.

Symptoms of a hamstring injury can include bruising, swelling, muscle spasms and difficulties with muscle contraction. The treatment of a torn hamstring depends on the severity of the injury, and can include icing or compressive bandaging, or using crutches to help take some of the pressure off of the muscles. Physical therapy is a common form of treatment to help relieve the symptoms of a hamstring injury. Before any treatment is started, a thorough assessment of the injury by a sports medicine physician is critical to ensure optimal recovery.

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