World Cup 2014: Soccer Injury List Continues to Grow

World Cup Soccer InjuriesInjuries are an unfortunate part of any game, but to have them happen during the World Cup can spell disaster for any player. This year’s list of injuries continues to grow, and many players are feeling the impacts of the game. Here is just a short list of some of the teams who have been down a man since the beginning, as a result of a recent injury, or are at least dealing with questions of whether or not their teammates will be fit enough to compete in the upcoming days.

– Belgium’s Christian Benteke ruptured his Achilles tendon in April and was promptly ruled out.

– Russian captain Roman Shirikov was also deemed out because of an Achilles tendon injury pre-World Cup.

– England’s Theo Walcott is recovering from a knee injury that kept him from the competition.

– Italian midfielder Riccardo Montolivo suffered a broken leg in a warm-up game, missing his team’s defeat against Uruguay on the 24th.

–  Mexico midfielder Luis Montes also suffered a major injury, fracturing his leg in a friendly game against Ecuador.

–  Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo continues to deal with the pain from a knee injury, although it hasn’t kept him from playing as of yet.

The list of absent players continues to grow as the games go on.

Many of these players are currently, or will very shortly be treated for their specific injuries in a variety of ways by trained and experienced sports medicine physicians. This treatment may include physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, or custom knee braces, and although it will reduce their physical pain, it likely won’t do anything to dull the mental anguish of having lost the chance to help their teams make it to the finals.

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