World Cup 2014: Concussion Management for Bruno Martins Indi

Concussion ManagementSoccer is well-known for its level of risk, and this year’s World Cup has seen its fair share of injuries so far, and unfortunately is likely to see even more before the champion team is crowned on July 13th. The speed at which players take to the pitch, coupled with the inevitable collisions, can mean disaster.

Thanks to an injury sustained during Netherlands’ game against Australia, defender Bruno Martins Indi missed the final Group B match against Chile on the 23rd, although victory was secured against Chile. Martins spent the night in hospital after suffering a concussion during the game that saw a 3-2 victory over Australia. The concussion management team suggested “baby steps??? toward complete recovery.

Like any sport with contact (and even those without) concussions seem to be a major injury for many soccer players, making effective concussion management really important. The right diagnosis and treatment can help avoid long term impacts. The difficulty in diagnosing concussions makes this treatment even more important.

If you have sustained a head injury, diagnosis is critical to ensure proper treatment. This includes the use of tools such as BESS (a standardized balance test) and IMPACT (a computer-based cognitive test) to ensure optimal recovery and safe return to work and play.

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