Winter Running Tips Just in Time for The Santa Shuffle

Winter Running TipsThis weekend, Toronto is host to the third annual Santa Shuffle Fun Run and Elf Walk in support of the Salvation Army. This exciting event offers something for everyone – a 5km run for the more ambitious, and a 1km run for those that just want to take their time. The only real requirement? A Santa suit! Get ready to have some fun at this great, family-friendly occasion!

In the spirit of the season, we thought we’d provide you with some winter running tips to both prepare you for this event and winter running in general – check them out!

  1. Wear layers – allows the warm air from your body to act as an insulator – but look for articles made of synthetic materials that will wick moisture away from the skin, rather than retaining the moisture and causing discomfort. Also, consider dressing as though it were warmer than it is – you should be chilled when you leave the house, otherwise you are just going to overheat as you get going.
  2. Consider stretching indoors – avid runners know the importance of warming up before a run – but in the winter, think about doing these exercises inside – you are more likely to do a thorough warm up in a warm, comfortable environment.
  3. Protect your eyes and skin. The cold can be a killer on the skin, and the glare from the snow can be harsh on the eyes. Wear sunglasses, and a thin layer of Vaseline on the face and lips can go a long way as far as preventing your skin from cracking from the cold.
  4. Preplan your run according to the conditions. Ice, snow drifts, closed trails- these can all impact your running route, so be prepared. And, if it is beyond freezing, know when it is best to run indoors instead.
  5. Hit up a running injury clinic to get more tips and ensure that you are protecting yourself from a running injury while enjoying the winter weather.

Use these winter running tips to get yourself ready for the winter weather. Whether you are an avid runner or just a beginner, the snow and cold does not mean that you need to take a running hiatus. Just be prepared for everything that winter has to throw at you.

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