Want to Swing Safely and Prevent Common Golf Injuries? Start with our Golf Injury Prevention Techniques!

Many people incorrectly assume that golf is a low-level physical activity, and that, therefore golf injuries are uncommon. Anything but! Whether you are an avid golfer who spends every possible minute on the course, or you only pick up the clubs a few times a year, it’s important to remember that golf injuries are common no matter your level of play.  A golf injury prevention program allows you to get the most out of every day you spend on the fairway, while at the same time keeps you in tip top shape – a considerable side-bonus!

Golf injuries are incredibly common among all ages and skill levels, most often occurring courtesy of improper swing or grip techniques, or stemming from repetitive bad habits when swinging.  Improper stance, swing or grip; stiffness and inflexibility can all lead to injuries in the arms, wrists, hands, hip, back or shoulders. The repetitive motion of the swing is unavoidable in golf.  In fact, people are often encouraged to remember their best swing technique and repeat it.  But improper technique can be very hard on the muscles and joints. Visits to a golf injury prevention clinic where a conditioning program is designed for you not only helps to correct your stance and improve your swing, but can also treat any ongoing golf injuries.

As with any type of sport, one of the best ways to prevent golf injuries is to stretch. This may seem like a simple enough solution, but it’s one many people ignore despite the common knowledge that not stretching introduces risk of injury.  Similarly, improper stretching is a waste of time. Proper stretching techniques, designed for your needs is part of a golf injury prevention program that can fit like the very golf glove you wouldn’t do without, and help you avoid golf injuries from the outset. Making sure that your whole body is prepared for the game will allow you to stay on the course longer, and help you avoid pain once you’re back in the clubhouse.

Better yet – and this is the part most golfers love to hear – a golf injury prevention program doesn’t just help you avoid golf injuries it also helps you improve your game! No matter your skill level, a golf injury prevention program can be customized to meet both your current needs and your future goals. Like technique and training, equipment also plays an essential role in preventing golf injuries and improving your golf game. A golf injury prevention program educates you for better club selection, ensuring that you choose and use the best equipment.  Clubs that are too short, or grips that are too small, can lead to golf injuries that can inhibit your ability to play and enjoy the game.

Many golf injuries occur as a result of a combination of things, including poor technique, insufficient physical conditioning and improper equipment. Taking advantage of a golf injury prevention program helps prevent injuries that can negatively impact your ability to enjoy a day on the course.

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