Toronto orthotics information that supports your fee

There are 28 bones in each of our feet. There are also 20 muscles that move your feet around and 33 joints. When you put all that together, you’ll see there’s a real need for Toronto orthotics. Here’s some valuable information that will help you to appreciate your feet.

Expensive isn’t always better

If you’re looking for the most comfortable pair of shoes, you don’t necessarily need to spend the most money. Don’t let the dollar signs influence your decision. Quite often shoes in the middle price range offer the same kind of necessary support.

Deep heel cups

If you’re already wearing shoes with Toronto orthotics features, you already know how deep the heal cup needs to be in order for everything to be comfortable. If you’re looking for a new pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to take your orthotics along with you.

Size does matter

You should keep in mind when you’re looking for a new pair of shoes that the size printed on the inside is meant to be a guide only. It’s important to keep in mind that shoe sizes vary from company to company. One of the best ways to pick a new pair that you’re going to be wearing orthotics with is by trying them on.

Try on a few pair, but not too many

Don’t go with the first pair that you try on when you’re looking for a great pair of shoes. However, once you get to three or four different choices you should be able to make a decision. Any more than that will only confuse you.

Snug to your foot

It’s best if the shoe you finally decide on is snug to your foot. Remember the base should be as wide as your entire foot. It’s good to keep in mind most shoes will stretch for width but not length.

If you select a pair that are too short, you’ll get blisters and corns on your toes.

Finally, remember that a good fit provides a half inch of space in front of your big toe. Likewise your arch should be free to clear the inside of the shoe and you should have enough room at the heel. Understanding how Toronto orthotics can help you choose the right shoes is all about having the right information at your fingertips. Having the right support for your feet as your rebound from a sports injury is critical.