Our Toronto massage therapy experts share some etiquette tips

Many people don’t really understand what the etiquette is when they go for Toronto massage therapy. However, since the whole idea is to help you heal from an injury and relax at the same time, we’ve added some tips below.

Tell them when something hurts

All qualified massage therapists will tell you the procedure doesn’t need to hurt to be effective. However, there are certain techniques that can cause a little soreness. Open communication with the person administering massage is key. They should be aware of your injury as well as any area that is chronically sore.

What clothes need to come off?

More often than not, a Toronto massage therapy specialist will tell you to undress only until you’re uncomfortable. While some people prefer to be nude during the therapy session, others like to leave their underwear on. There are some techniques that can be done fully clothed as well.

Sometimes being naked is the best choice. For instance, if you have an injury on your buttocks or hip area, leaving on your underwear can present problems for the therapist.

What about being self conscious?

Remember being self-conscious about something like acne on your back shouldn’t prevent you from getting the benefits of a massage. Professionals at massage therapy are always in non-judgemental.

It’s even possible to request that the therapist not work on certain areas if you feel extremely self-conscious about them.

Should you make conversation?

Although there is no set rule about making conversation during the procedure, you shouldn’t feel like you need to talk if you’d rather not. If you close your eyes during a treatment, that generally signals the therapist that you’re not interested in conversing.

Of course there are several instances where you should speak up including if you feel any pain. If there’s a health issue that wasn’t mentioned during the consultation, you should tell the therapist here as well.

It’s also a good idea to speak up if you have any questions about the massage. Everyone wants to be on the same page and relaxed before the procedure begins.

What about bathroom breaks?

It’s best if you go to the bathroom before the procedure begins. However, if you feel the need to go to the washroom during your session, by all means tell the therapist. Holding in a bathroom break won’t get you to the relaxed state where you get the most from Toronto massage therapy.