Tennis Elbow Symptoms After the US Open

Tennis Elbow SymptomsWith the US Open just behind us, tennis fans and players alike were cheering on those big names out there making a play for the championship trophy and staggering amount of prize money up for grabs. This year’s hopefuls have come out swinging, showing their skills on the court, and making a play for that ever-elusive title.

That being said, as any tennis player knows, no matter the level of play, tennis injuries can wreak havoc on your game, and tennis elbow symptoms specifically can keep you from the court.

What is tennis elbow?

Also called lateral epicondylitis, tennis elbow is a very common tennis injury that often occurs as a result of overuse, injury, or a strain of the tendon that connects the forearm muscles to bone on the outside of the elbow. Called tennis elbow because it often effects tennis players, it isn’t actually limited to tennis players, but the occurrences are far higher within this sport.

Tennis elbow symptoms occur as a result of the inflammation caused by the overuse or injury of the tendon. This most commonly results in pain and tenderness, but can also lead to wrist and hand grip weakness, pain when the elbow is bent, pain in the forearm, and pain when fingers are strained against resistance.

Although there are not often severe complications from this injury, leaving it untreated can result in chronic pain – that is why it is so important to have any pain or injury examined by a trained sports medicine specialist to diagnose and rule out any serious issues. As with any sports injury, seeking the best medical attention as soon as possible helps ensure the best possible treatment and the shortest recovery time.

What might treatment of tennis elbow include?

Depending on the severity of the issues, your doctor might prescribe exercise or rehabilitation to get you to a pre-injury state. Physical therapy might also be suggested as a way to alleviate or eliminate the pain. Treatment may also include corrective training to help avoid the behaviour that led to the injury initially, or a custom elbow brace to help strengthen and reduce stress on the elbow while playing.

Tennis elbow symptoms can be painful, and if left untreated can become progressively worse. Don’t let overuse or an injury keep you from competing indefinitely.

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