Tempted by the Taste of the Danforth? Tips from a Registered Dietician

Registered DieticianFoodies rejoice! It is that time again – the Taste of the Danforth is right around the corner, and if you are anything like us, this annual event promises a wealth of tasty choices that already have your mouth watering. But what if you are trying to watch that waistline and feel as though a trip to this festival is going to throw you right off that skinny ship? Don’t spoil that temptation – use these tips from a registered dietician to help you stay on track!

According to our registered dietician, the best advice to start out with is to make smart choices. The Taste of the Danforth offers an amazing number of choices to tempt you – but when it comes to healthy choices, not all are created equal! When you head to this food festival, or any eating event for that matter, sure you want to give different dishes a try, but make sure that those you choose are not only tasty, but better for your belly at the same time.

Limit calories by choosing water instead of specialty drinks or high-calorie soda. Rather than wasting those precious calories on drinks, opt for H2O when you are looking for something to quench your thirst. That way, you only have to worry about the food facts – not those easily forgotten-about drinks.

Bring on the veggies and fruit. Sure, most of us are looking for the specialty items and not paying too much attention to what may be missing from a dish, but try your hardest to choose an option that has at least some green elements.

Don’t go on an empty stomach. One of the worst things that you can do before you go is to skip breakfast or lunch (depending on the time you attend). Going on an empty stomach just tempts you to eat more. The morning of, try to eat a well-balanced, protein rich breakfast – this will help you better deal with the plethora of enticing options and stop you from overindulging.

Afterwards: exercise! Instead of heading home with a feeling of fullness and plunking yourself on the couch, get your body moving. We are not suggesting a two-hour session at the gym, but a nice walk or leisurely bike ride can help to burn off some of those extra calories with the added benefit of helping to get rid of some of the guilt!

For more tips and advice from our registered dietician, please contact Stefanie Senior at Athletic Edge Sports Medicine today by calling 416-800-0800.