Swing of Hope Charity Tournament for Diabetes; Golf Tips for Golfers Who Want to be Physically Prepared

Fore! Golf season is in full swing! Torontonian’s are always keen to find the time to sneak a round in, even if it means vanishing from work on a beautiful day. This summer, events throughout the city appeal to golf lovers who also enjoy helping the community at the same time.

The Diabetes Hope Foundation is making a major difference for children in Ontario who suffer with diabetes. The Diabetes Hope Foundation raises much needed support for youth and their families coping with the financial and emotional burden of living with diabetes.

The Swing of Hope is an annual event in Toronto hosted by The Diabetes Hope Foundation.    This year will mark the 16th Swing of Hope Charity Golf Tournament, taking place on June 18th, 2012 at the Bayview Golf and Country Club in Thornhill. The Swing for Hope Charity Golf Tournament offers a full 18-hole round, complimentary breakfast, lunch and dinner, a gift bag and eligibility to win great prizes while raising money and awareness. Pre-registration for the Swing of Hope Charity Golf Tournament is a must and is easily done on The Diabetes Hope Foundation website.

Though players often have a knack for making golf look effortless, it’s actually quite a physical sport. The following golf tips will help better prepare you for your regular game or even The Swing of Hope Charity Golf Tournament.

Golf Tips for Golfers:

• Golf Tip#1 – Walking is an excellent form of cardio that can be achieved simply by taking a long walk around the neighborhood after work or on the weekends. This can be done socially as well and allow you to catch up with family members or friends while you both enjoy the outdoors. Incorporating regular walks into your daily routine will increase your golf-course stamina.

• Golf Tip#2 – Prior to the game perform some dynamic stretches that work your gluts, hip flexors and lower back. These will loosen your muscles, make you more nimble on the course, and decrease post-game soreness and stiffness.

• Golf Tip#3 – Pay attention to your footwear. Proper is always superior to aesthetic. Luckily, these days, many golf shoes combine both. Investing in and wearing golf shoes on the course is highly recommended as they tend to increase your comfort and help your game. Some courses have a policy that golf shoes are mandatory. Do be sure to wear a pair that is broken in on event day to ensure greater comfort.

• Golf Tip#4 – Proper hydration and nutrition are also very important. Make sure that you bring lots of water with you out on the course, and be mindful of the dehydrating effects of the alcoholic beverages purchased from mobile drink carts many courses send out to greet players mid-round.

• Golf Tip#5 – Stretching after the game is as important as stretching before the game. Make sure to take a moment and stretch after you are finished playing.

These golf tips for golfers serious about reducing the risk of injury will enhance the golf experience.

Like any sport, golfers are athletes who can experience injury, sometimes experiencing symptoms in the moment or other times not for a few days afterwards. If you feel you may have injured yourself while golfing, consult a sports therapy clinic in the interest of seeking your fastest way back to recovery. For more information about how you can overcome a sports injury that resulted from golfing please call Athletic Edge Sports Medicine at 416-800-0800 or visit www.aesmphysiotherapytoronto.ca