Sun, Sand and Strain?? An ACL Knee Brace Might be The Answer!

July 6th and 7th mark the 19th annual Heatwave Toronto Beach Volleyball Event for SickKids. Toronto’s largest beach volleyball event fills Ashbridge’s Bay and Woodbine Beach, for two full days of recreational and competitive beach volleyball, pitting teams of 6 against each other.

Even if your summer plans don’t include participating in this great event, volleyball is a favourite summertime activity and a great way to fit in exercise. That being said, if you have suffered an ACL injury, it can be difficult to enjoy or even participate in even the easiest of volleyball matches. The bending and diving that is often unavoidable in volleyball can wreak havoc on a torn ACL so many people think avoiding the sport altogether is the easiest answer. But wait – before you resign yourself to a summer where sand equals strain, it might be better to think about getting fitted for a custom ACL knee brace.

Injuries to the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) are very common, and are often the result of rapidly decelerating, then sharply, suddenly changing direction. ACL injuries have also been attributed to heavy or stiff-legged landings, as well as twisting or turning the knee while landing. Contact can also result in an ACL injury, and those who participate in contact sports are often most at risk. When the ACL is torn, instability is often an outcome, as well as pain ranging from moderate to severe.

How can custom knee braces help? Whether you are currently suffering from an acute ACL tear or have undergone surgery to repair an ACL tear, a custom ACL knee brace can help you rebuild muscle and redistribute weight evenly. A custom knee brace also works to reduce further wear and tear, all while providing support and stability.

Don’t just avoid favourite summertime sports like volleyball because of ACL pain – get back out there and enjoy them. Whether you plan to get a team together and participate in the Toronto Beach Volleyball Event for SickKids, or just want to play for fun, don’t continue to suffer. Get fitted for a custom knee brace that helps you recover from ACL surgery or as part of your ACL rehab to ease the pain.

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